On this Annual Occasion

This poem is dedicated to my good friend, Omoya Yinka S. on the occasion of his birthday. I hope it’s worthwhile.

While most celebrate
Birthday with beating,
The creator expects
Us to do do so in meeting.

This is an annual
Occasion, in which we
Ought to do manual
Revision of meetings with God.

Instead of beating, I say,
Let us do meeting
And learn to be sober
Negotiating with the Creator King.

We are getting no younger
And opportunity to serve
God in days of youth no longer
Span from here to Tomboctou.

He who was one
Last year, should refuse
To be addressed as one
This year. A fool.

Live with the belief
That a fool tomorrow
Will never relieve
Himself of burden. The fool.

Fool despise wisdom;
Pleasing God is wisdom.
Celebrant, be sober,
Strive to acquire wisdom.

Beating the birthday celebrant (as well as graduating and matriculating celebrants) is a popular custom within students in this part of the country. I believe that some of you would have witnessed this eyesorish act, too.

I detest it.

I believe that birthdays are not meant to be moments for such stupidity. I think they should be moments of sober reflections, of meeting with the Creator and of rethinking one’s purpose.

To this, I say happy birthday, Yinka; be glad!

One thought on “On this Annual Occasion

  1. My goodness! This so sweetens my soul and gladdens my heart. I’m profoundly grateful to you, James. Thanks a lot.

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