Despised of Heaven’s Tears

This short poem was motivated by Ogundare Tope’s Scent of Water, and was first published as a comment on his blog. I’ve decide to edit and share it here, by permission.

There was a once tree, and
It lived according to the law
Of Impermanence of Seasons;
Which states that as one
Season comes, another goes.

While the earth was dry of water,
Despised of the tears of heaven;
This tree’s green fade, for
From the tears the heaven shed
It seeks a means to live.

But when the time came
And the heaven finds
His reason to cry;
The tree that was dying
Recieved life, and it’s face,
Once again, was painted
In the leafy-green color
That use to adorn it.
There are different seasons:
A season of the tree’s
Glow in splatter and
A season for the land to be
Despised of Heaven’s tears

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