A Righteous Desire

The loads of sin which thou commit daily
Commits thou not of thine own willing;
But sin, having already usurped over thee;
Causes thee to commit to his pleasing:

The sins in which thou whines daily
Purchased thou not of thine own treasure;
But sin, being the bulk producer;
Enjoins thee to execute for his pleasure:

This venture is treason, against
Thine benevolent Creator’s will,
Thine marvelous potter’s purpose;
It’s trading on dodgy hill.

The purpose of thine
Savior’s descent into death?
So that thine redemption
From sin might be birth!

That thou might be freed
From the age long tyranny
Which thine master, a greed,
Despotically held you in!

That thou might be saved,
From the power by which,
Vigorously, sin toiled
To have thine veiled!

That thou might be a freedman,
And may cheer for a good life;
That thou, been made righteous,
Would regard God’s righteousness!

“Freedom is not willingly
Given until, tenaciously,
It is demanded for
By the oppressed”;

Never will thou be freed
From sin, thy master, a greed,
If thou wouldn’t, by now, determine
The ‘how’ of thy release:

Therefore desire:
Desire to become a freedman;
Desire to halt the tossing
Around that sin had,
With thee, been doing.

Desire to find thy ground
In Christ and to be stand firm,
Ever, on that ground –
Out of the mire;

To be brought into
A new life, under
A new master –

A serene environment –
Congregation of the freed
Sons of God, in Christ.

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