The Two Wonder Lights

If the sun wasn’t so mean
You would not know the beauty of the moon’s grin;
If the day wasn’t so harshly bright
You would not consider the soothing of the night.
Su’eddie Vershema

When, the earth, God did create
And darkness was all that relates,
By His word His Spirit did permeates
Into the darkness to, light, create.

Now the wise One who, light
For the earth, creates
Sees that it is good that
He, the lightening, regulates:

Again by His word His Spirit did whet;
And from a light two wonders sprout;
The one wonder, which being brighter
And obvious, rules the day to light
Every path that mankind thread;
The other wonder, though bright, is less
Obvious, to rule the night with
A dim glow as not to strike
The eyes of sleeping men

If the less obvious were made for the day,
No man would be pleased to work;
And if the obvious were made for the night
No man would ever sleep.

But God is sovereign;
He creates, but before that
He draws plan to regulate
All the creatures he did create
That His works may never fail.

Can we say His work has failed
If in a while the eclipse form?
No we cannot say, for this, too,
Is a part of His plans –
That once in a while the two
Created wonder lights would
Meet to relate, each with the other.

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