What is the Meaning of “Melbin”

The Blog

You are welcome, once again, to Glory-got-Christ blog. The name “Glory-got-Christ” was derived from the phrase “Glorifying God through Christ,” which explains the purpose of this blog — to help the reader as well as the blogger to maintain a constantly renewed sense of responsibility to glorify the name and the sovereignty of God, our Father, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

The Blogger

My name is Temitope James, the son of Akintayo. I like being called by my, should I say, pen name: James Melbin. I am a Chemistry student from Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. I’m still living with my parents) and I have two younger sisters and a brother — I am the first born.

Melbin, the Name

What you’ll read below is an explanation of the meaning of my nickname (Melbin). I hope you’ll patiently read it to the end for it’s sort of a testimony.

Melbin is an acronym for Marvelously Elevated Lavishly Blessed Immaculately Nourished.

Marvelously Elevated; from creature to son, by God: Lavishly Blessed; with the Holy Spirit, by God: Immaculately Nourished; with all things pertaining to life and godliness, by God.

In Full
The name is borne out of hope and faith in the promises and assurances of God, the creator and sustainer of the whole universe, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Its basis is the scripture which says, “The things that are seen are quickly perishing but the things that are unseen are eternal” 1

Hence, the elevation and blessing and nourishment depicted in the name might not as much be, presently, sensed in the physical. Yet they are obvious manifestations in the inward, spiritual, part of my being. I can rest assured that the things that belongs to the spiritual will eventually be made visible so that all would see and give glory to glory to my Father who had so marvelously elevated and lavishly blessed and immaculately nourished me in accordance with His eternal will and divine purpose.

Marvelously Elevated:

O, the hands that drew salvation’s plan.
O, the soul that brought it down to earth.
— William Newell, at Calvary

I was once in lowland; I was, together with the world, inside the trash; struggling for wealth and fame and all things that the world encourages to give. I was dip in mire, drowning — due to sin — with no one to save me or have me uplifted unto the highest height. Until Jesus Christ brought the salvation plan that God, himself, drew down to me — the plan of elevation, the plan of regeneration.

All glory to God, I wholeheartedly accepted this plan and what it promised and thus was benefited — elevated from mere creature; a wayward without purpose (but with a seemingly good ambition) to a legal son of God, born not of any human will or descent or decision but of God.

It was such a marvelous elevation: a mere me, who once spent his life in vanity and pride without any sense of God, now made a carrier of the presence of God by the help of the Holy Spirit at the expense to Christ’s sacrificial life and death. Indeed it is a marvelous elevation.

Lavishly Blessed:
Having been elevated to a new level, a new realm, with a new system — the system of heaven, I’ve got to start acting and talking and thinking and doing everything as my new family members do — with Christ as the perfect embodiment of Son, and God as the Father.

Now, to do this is not a joke at all! It is not easy and I don’t have the power or might to stand and walk in the way of the sons of God, like Christ did. That’s why the scripture says “it is not by power nor by might but by the Spirit of God.” 2

You see, I need this spirit of God to be able to effectively act like an elevated person: This spirit, I do not deserve but God, in His infinite mercy, decided to lavish me with his Spirit as much as I need it and as much as I am ready to subject to it.

Because of God’s goodness and mercies and grace, I was lavishly blessed with the gift of Holy Spirit and, like Christ said, “this spirit will be in you forever.” 3 Forever! I have been blessed with the fellowship of the Spirit of God forever. All I need now is dedication to be subject to the leadings of the Spirit.

Immaculately Nourished:
Since I now have as Father the One who is the creator of the world and a brother, though whom the whole world was created; I have access to the greatest, most profitable, immaculate nourishment that I will ever need in my new life. This immaculate nourishment, as the scripture puts it, are “all things pertaining to life and godliness.” 4 You see, what else should I need, what else should be more immaculate than this nourishing gift?

O how joyful I am now, and forever would be, by God’s grace: so much that even when I am looking gloomy and sorrowful, I am rejoicing in my salvation; even when I am weak, I am strong in the power of God; even when I don’t have material riches, I know that I am rich in Jesus Christ my Lord. It is all because I have been:
Immaculately nourished
By God, my Father
And Creator, through
Jesus Christ, my Brother
And Savior;
With the gift
Which pertains, and
Serves as a Lift,
To life and godliness

Surely I should be called by my name, Melbin: A name that my mum or dad didn’t call me but I’ve found myself call myself as a testimony to all who will listen and a call to all who would answer, for the glory of God who is able to, and has, through Jesus Christ, his only begotten son, redeem me to himself according to his plan of predestination that he made even before the world began.

All glory then is to God, through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.
1. 2 Corinthians 4:18
2. Zechariah 4:6
3. John 14:16
4. 2 Peter 1:3